Women’s Spirituality Group 2020-21 Program Begins October 9th

The UUCG Women’s Spirituality group will be exploring the program Rise Up & Call Her Name: A Woman-honoring Journey into Global Earth-based Spiritualities. We will be beginning this year’s journey on Friday, October 9th at 7:00pm, and meet monthly every 2nd Friday evening.

Every month we will dive into learning about a different feminine deity through study, ritual, and creative workings that we can do from home.

“Circles of participants undertake personally relevant activities including: experiencing visual images, chants, creative rituals, movement, storytelling, and hands-on art projects such as making improvisational quilt patterns and masks. Participants have the opportunity to develop fresh perspectives on qualities such as fearlessness, compassion, nurturing and the unfolding of personal spirituality.
Ethical principles central to a variety of earth and woman honoring traditions around the globe and throughout history form the core of each session. Knowing there are traditions that value the female but in no way deprecate the male can provide inspiration and sustenance to both women and men.”

The UUCG Women’s Spirituality Group meets online via Zoom, is open to cis-women, Transwomen, and non-binary folx wishing to deepen their connection to the Divine Feminine. Pre-registration is required.

Program facilitated by Sherree Bailey and Sharon Yun

For more information, email the group facilitators.
To register, please click here.
See the calendar event listing here.