Singing the Journey Pledge Drive

coverSinging the Journey Pledge Drive:  Need your response by November 1

Imagine your employer not telling you how much you will be paid each week, month, or year. This would make it very difficult for you to know how to budget your money. The situation is similar at UUCG. Until we get all the Pledge Forms back, the Board of Trustees cannot adequately prepare the budget for 2017 so it can be presented to the congregation for voting. November 1 is when this process will begin. So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, get those forms back to UUCG by Nov. 1.

Remember, no pledge is too SMALL, or too BIG. They all add up to the success of our congregation in accomplishing our mission and vision. You can complete the online pledge form, or you can pick up another form at UUCG.  If you prefer, you may download the pledge packet.

Let’s stay in covenant with each other “by doing the work of the church responsibly”. This includes making a financial commitment through your Pledge to support our mission and vision.

Love to all,

Peggy Averyt, Pledge Drive Chair