Date(s) - 03/15/2019
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm


SESSION TWO: Beginning the Journey

Discoveries on the Journey

In this session, we will join together at the crossroads that are at the beginning of all Journeys and use two more tools were traveling – personal sharing and guided meditation. We will share with one another what we bring from our own cultural heritages that give us strength and balance. We will meet Hecate who is the triple headed goddess of Antiquities in the Mediterranean, and learn about her aspect as the protector who guards the crossroads and offers wise counsel to those who acknowledge her. We will hear about a shift in cultural attitudes that makes honoring diversity a central value. A video collage introduces woman honoring images from around the globe, Minnie from centuries past. As we begin our journey to earth based communities, we will take a moment to reflect on harmful dichotomies that breed racist attitudes. A guided meditation brings us into contact with the owl as we undertake our journey to places where goddesses are often dark, like Earth herself.

Bring a Journal, a Rattle or drum, a snack or drink to be shared.

We will be using the resource  “Rise Up and Call Her Name” by Elizabeth Fisher

We will have a copy of this book which gives group members access to an online edition.  When you decide to join, let Sherree Bailey or Sharon Yun know so that you can get access to the book online.

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