New Program: Intro to Druidry

Intro to Druidry: Walking an Earth-Nurturing Path

Walking a modern Druid path can mean many things and is interpreted differently from one Druid group to another.  What they hold in common is a love of Mother Earth and the feeling of a deep connection to nature. Some call this an “earth-nurturing spiritual practice.”

In this 8-week introduction to Druidry, we will explore how the Druids at UUCG gather and use a variety of symbols on our altar and in our ritual which help us connect to the Earth, to the Cosmos, and to the magnetic Energy that connects all things. Through discussion and suggested spiritual practices we will explore this Druid path of walking an Earth-Nurturing Path. 

Objectives and Outcomes: participants will be intimately acquainted with each item on the Sylvan Sanctuary altar, how it functions in the ritual, and journey work into the sacred realms to explore what the altar items signify. Those who complete the 8-week introduction may choose to continue as an Aspirant in the Sylvan Sanctuary grove. 

This program meets on-site at UUCG at 7:30pm each Wednesday for 8 sessions, from October 19th until December 14th (no session on November 23rd). Pre-registration is required.

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