Speaker: Bob Patrick

When You Open the Window, What Do You Expect?

Even in people of color majority communities like Gwinnett County, GA, social and power structures still default to the expectations of white people.  In this service, we will prayerfully and intentionally examine some of the elements of this default and what it means to be … read more.

Good Friday: Zen Tenebrae

Zen, in the Buddhist tradition, is the Japanese word for something like this: Directly pointing at one’s heart, seeing one’s nature, becoming Buddha.

Tenebrae is the Latin for “shadows” and is the name of the service traditionally held on Good Friday, the day that Jesus was … read more.

Faith, Fear, and Finding the Inner Flame

Religious faith has a history of being both the thing that instills fear in people as well as being a vehicle for setting human hearts free to do amazing things.  Bring your own stories to this service and let’s explore faith, fear and finding the … read more.

Our House of Healing

A Service of Compassionate Presence.

Bob Patrick, Service Leader.

Evan Varner, Worship Associate.

Blessings and Curses

Those personal qualities and life circumstances that we consider curses very often work out to be the blessings that we are and have to offer others.  What if, rather than treating them as opposing forces, we think about blessings and curses as mutual forces?  As … read more.

Martin’s Muses

We consider some of the inspiring voices that moved Martin Luther King, Jr,, and examine how he has inspired us. How does inspiration happen when we engage one another? How is it a gift that keeps on giving?

Bob Patrick, Service Leader

Daniel Bailey, Worship Associate