The Gifts of Justice and Equity: Reconnecting with Our Hearts

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What stories do we each carry about hearing a “summons” or a call to help make the world, our community, and our families even a little bit more just and equitable? When have these moments touched your heart, broken you open to a new way of being?

Rev. Nancy and Worship Associate Lydia Patrick share personal stories about such broken-open-hearted moments—and together we rediscover the joy, hope, and love that keep us on the journey.

Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones (she/her), Worship Leader
Lydia Patrick (she/her), Worship Associate

The Order of Service can be found here
The Beyond Sunday Morning can be found here

Come be Curious, Courageous, and Compassionate with us as we strive to be a radically welcoming sanctuary in a green space; fostering spiritual growth as we joyfully nurture connections and community within our walls and beyond.

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