At our May 21, 2017 Congregational Meeting, the congregation voted to adopt the 2017-2018 slate below. Suggestions are welcome at  and open positions not filled at the time of elections will be filled via appointment.

Nominating Committee:

  • Thomas Yun  (2 year term)
  • Open (2 year term)
  • Open  (1 year term)

Continuing (not up for vote):

  • Nathalie Bigord (appointed for two-year term as At-Large Trustee)
  • Denise Benshoof (remaining year on Leadership Development Committee)
  • Katrina Yurko (appointed for 1 year term on Leadership Dev. Committee)

Barbara Stahnke (President), Ben Lower (Vice President), Ally Perras (Secretary), Steve Smith (Treasurer),Sara Heath (At-Large Trustee), Phoenix Lastinger (Youth Associate) completed their terms on the Board of Trustees.  James Riddlesperger was unable to fulfill his term and Nathalie Bigord was appointed for the two years remaining on his term.  Theresa Waldrop had one year remaining on her term as At-Large Trustee.

Denise Benshoof will continue the final year of her term on the Leadership Development Committee.   Viki Andino joined the LDC July 1, 2015; Sherree Bailey joined in July 1, 2016 and served for 7 months; and Terry Welsher joined July 1, 2013 and has served for 4 years.

We are deeply grateful for their excellent work and service.