Current minutes are posted on the bulletin board at the church.  Two most recently approved minutes are posted below.  An archive of all past Board Meeting Minutes is maintained at UUCG.


Present: Marcus Kabel, President; Lorena Griffin, Vice President; Terry Welsher, Secretary; Greg Bandy, Treasurer-Elect, Rev. Jan Taddeo; RJ Rice, at-Large; Jezza Hehn, Treasurer; Aaliyah Mooney, At-Large

Absent: None

Quorum present: Yes (7 of 7).

Guests (2020-2021 In-coming Board Members):  Maryjane Stout, Chuck Powell, Katrina Yurko

[Note:  Action Items are in red.]

Proceedings: Meeting called to order at 7:04 PM.

Consent Agenda – Minister’s Report, Financial Report and April 2020 Minutes.  Lorena asked that the Financial Report be moved the Discussion Agenda.  Remaining items, Minister’s Report and April Minutes, passed by consensus.

Discussion Agenda

Informational Discussion for oncoming board members

  • Katrina asked about the new Shared Ministry Council. Jan reviewed the history, motivation, and purpose
  • Katrina and Maryjane asked about the move to Policy-Based Governance. This is work in progress.
  • Maryjane asked about job descriptions. Lorena was to send job descriptions to new members.

Re-opening – Current plan is that Sunday services and faith development will continue to be virtual until end of 2020.   There was some discussion about whether small activities at the church could be permitted.  Consensus was that small groups (around 10 or less) could meet for specific tasks.  All safety and social distancing guidelines should be followed.  Regular team and committee meetings should remain on-line. Marcus will draft a message to the congregation.

Fire of Commitment Report Scheduling a town hall was discussed with August 2 as first choice.   Purpose would be to further communication of the report to the congregation and get additional feedback.

Finance – Lorena asked about Christiana’s high number of hours.  Rev. Jan will investigate options for reducing them and have discussion with staff about reducing hours.

Policy Manual – New board will move this forward.  Maryjane and Chuck expressed interest.

Retreat – “All day” August 1 and 15 were suggested as possibilities.   Rev. Jan was to check with Shared Ministry Council to finalize date/time (August 15 was subsequently chosen).

Shared Ministry Council – Board approved the charter by acclamation.

Meeting adjourned at 9:03PM

Minutes submitted by Terry Welsher, Secretary 7/8/2020.    Approval:  7/15/2020

Next Meeting:   July 15, 7-9PM via Zoom


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