Current minutes are posted on the bulletin board at the church.  Two most recently approved minutes are posted below.  An archive of all past Board Meeting Minutes is maintained at UUCG.

November 15, 2018 scheduled 7 to 9 PM


Present: Marcus Kabel, President (Zoom); Terry Welsher, Secretary; Ally Perras, At-Large; Nathalie Bigord, At-Large; Daniel Bailey, At-Large, Bill Benshoof, Vice President (Zoom – left at 7:10PM), Rev Jan Taddeo.

Quorum present: Yes

Proceedings: Meeting called to order at 7:02 PM with opening words by Rev. Jan

Minutes for the October meeting were approved by e-mail on October 28 and uploaded to the BOT Google Drive.

Committee Reports:  None.

Fundraising and Bank Loan

Loan:  Marcus and Rev. Jan had a phone conversation with Alice of BB&T about a week prior to this meeting.   Alice was positive about prospects for the loan application.   We are “grandfathered” into the requirements in force at the time of the original loan.  Therefore, we do not need 250 “giving entities” as originally thought.

2018 Budget Gap:  The gap is down to less than $4000.  Marcus asked if we should consider using “the reserve”.  Consensus was that that would be a last resort.

2019 Budget and 12/16 Congregational Meeting:  The congregation will vote on the budget at the congregational meeting on December 16.   There will be communications from the Board before then.

  1. Notice of the meeting including discussion items will go out from the Secretary by 11/28. The discussion items will be:  Loan status, By-Law change to allow Proxy Voting and 2019 Budget.  This notice will also appear in the OOS for 12/2 and 12/9 and the December GNUUS.  Terry will send draft of this notice for approval by Marcus by 11/26.
  2. The draft budget and proposed by-law change will be sent out before the meeting. This should include a summary chart of yearly revenue and main expenses for 2014-2018

By-Law Change to Allow Proxy Voting:  At a previous town hall meeting the consensus was that allowing a member to hold as many as two proxies would be acceptable.   Motion (Marcus, seconded by Daniel):  Include language for a by-law change in the December Congregational Meeting allowing two proxies per member.  Specific language will be drafted by Rev. Jan for approval by the board by email.  Motion carried unanimously.

GIPL Energy Wise Grant Application:  Daniel and Rev. Jan completed an application for support from Georgia Interfaith Power & Light as part of moving towards our green-space vision.   The application includes replacements of certain lighting with LEDs and installation of smart WiFi thermostats.   These projects were chosen after consultation with GIPL.   This is a “matching” grant which requires the inclusion of $1500 in the UUCG 2019 budget.  Motion (Daniel, seconded by Ally):  Include $1500 in the 2019 budget for matching the GIPL grant.  Motion carried unanimously.  Terry signed the application as the only officer physically present and it was submitted by email immediately after the meeting to make the 11/15 deadline.

Departure of Lazure Learning:  Rev. Jan is exploring possibilities for replacement.

Treasurer Search:  A possibility did not come through.   The search continues.

Bank Signature Cards:  This process is still not clear.  Rev. Jan will visit her local branch of BB&T to try to resolve.

Minister’s Report:  Other items in Rev Jan’s report not already covered above were:  Notes from the 10/27 Board retreat and a statement of Gratitude for the UU Trauma Response Team.   Possible changes to BOT structure including how officers are elected should be discussed in a future meeting.

Sunday Collection Count Assignments:  There was not time to discuss this further.   The SignUp Genius process is still working.


Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM

Minutes submitted by Secretary, Terry Welsher

Approved by e-mail vote  11/30 – 5 approve 1 no vote